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Sales Training and Follow-Up Programs

Sales Training and Follow-Up Programs

Learn up-to-date selling skills, then be sure you’re using those skills and getting new business! Lenann presents recent sales research about what’s working now in selling, and puts the emphasis on using these skills in a variety of professional sales conversations. Then she coaches you as you use those skills in the real world, and turn them into new clients and new money being spent for your company’s services.

1. State-of-the-Art Selling Skills

Topics covered in the classroom:

  • How much time should be devoted to business development.
  • What to do to maximize the likelihood that new acquaintances like you immediately.
  • How best to structure conversations with new prospects.
  • How to challenge your prospects with new ideas – and how to hold your ground when they push back.
  • How to deal with multiple prospects in sales meetings.
  • How to structure conversations when more than one salesperson attends a sales meeting.
  • What to listen for in conversations with new prospects.
  • How to listen.
  • The most powerful questions to ask when you're selling.
  • Developing sensitivity to differences between the way men and women communicate in selling situations.
  • Understanding the components of trust; what it takes for prospects to trust you.

2. State-of-the-Art Closing Skills

Prerequisite: State-of-the Art Selling Skills program.
Topics covered in the classroom:

  • How to receive, and how to deal effectively with objections.
  • How and when to follow-up, including voicemail protocol.
  • How to deal with questions concerning price or fees.
  • How to present proposals.
  • The four rules of closing
  • Fundamentals of effective negotiation.
  • How to ask for the business.

3. Follow-Up Programs

Each participant is asked to submit key data on his or her selling activity every 10 business days. This data is reported in newsletters that arrive every 2 weeks during the follow-up period – or discussed in Coaching Phone Calls every 2 weeks. These newsletters or Telephone Coaching Sessions:

  • Recognize business development successes.
  • Remind people what they learned and challenge them to use it.
  • Expand participants' understanding of what's working now in selling.
  • Motivate participants to continue to focus on business development for the next two weeks.
  • Often, follow-up programs include Selling Stories from class participants that show how new learning is being used in real selling situations. Lenann's Sales Coaching helps you learn how to apply the classroom learning – then sharing the Selling Stories plus the Sales Coaching with the entire group enables participants to learn from each other's real-world experiences!
  • Follow-Up Programs also often include Weekly or Daily Sales Tips, sharing data from recent sales research or writings on the topic, to encourage the forming of new habits and success in reaching out to new prospects, and to clients who have additional business potential.