I thought I would give you a brief update on what has happened since you came to speak to our staff last year -- it helped us with our lagging occupancy. The first six months of last year we had an oc.. Gus Peach
CEO/President – Haven Manor, Inc.

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Sales Research Reveals What's Working NOW in Selling

Do you buy things differently now than you did a few years ago?

Has what you want in a salesperson — when you're thinking about buying something — changed at all?

Modern sales research reveals that the answers to both these questions is 'Yes!' People report that they're fed up with the smiley-faced, aggressive, in-your-face sales style, and that they prefer people who know how what they have to sell can be helpful, who listen well, and who will answer their questions!

That style of selling can be learned, but first it requires abandoning old ideas and images about what selling is, and how one should behave when selling.

The fact is that we have lots of DATA about what's working in sales today. Sales researchers have gone so far as to have salespeople wear recording equipment under their clothes when they're selling; and one group alone has tape recorded some 35,000 sales conversations, loading transcripts of all those 35,000 sales conversations into huge computer databases. From that tremendous bank of information, several conclusions can be drawn about what's working in selling now — and a lot of what we're learning is completely the opposite of the sales training I received when I was learning to sell 20 years ago.

If you don't know what contemporary sales research tells us, you may need a refresher course in salesmanship. In as little as several hours -- or as much as several days in a workshop — you can benefit from what we know is working in selling now by having Lenann Gardner come in to give you and your colleagues a What's Working NOW in Selling update. Her suitcase full of the data on which her remarks are based will satisfy you that the ideas Lenann presents are up-to-the-minute and valuable, which increases the likelihood that you'll use them, and profit!

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