Lenann Gardner has worked with the South-Central region of Marriott for years; I have personally worked with her on 3 different occasions now, each for a 6-month period. The real strength of her appro.. Steve Benkowitz
Former General Manager – DFW Airport Marriott Hotel

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Quick Thought: What Can You Do to Enhance the Sales Results of Your Most Experienced People?

Experienced people are a treasure - knowledgeable people who have "been there before" can put together new and repeat sales that form the backbone of your company's growth strategy. But you may feel you can't send these people to sales training -- some of them would argue they could TEACH it!

Is there anything you can do for salespeople or rainmakers who have been through sales training years ago - but whose talents still may not have been fully developed?

Advanced Sales Strategies was developed for senior people, it has received great student evaluations. Time and again we've heard comments like this:

"I never knew these things! I've been selling the same way for years - now I have some new tools that fit my personality and are proven successful to augment my usual approach. Thanks, Lenann!"

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