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Quick Thought: Is CLOSING Your Sales Team's Biggest Challenge?

You know you have a closing problem when you find yourself with lots of prospects you keep calling back - but not enough people committed to spending money for what you have to offer.

Closing sales is a discipline - it's something that can be learned.

Think of it this way - in order to give us a firm commitment, a prospect has to answer "Yes" to two questions:

  1. Do I want to do/buy this? And

  2. Do I want to do/buy this NOW?

Many salespeople's efforts are devoted to getting the prospect to answer "Yes" to question #1 only. That's not enough! Question #2 goes to the issue of urgency - a prospect who feels no urgency may be favorably disposed toward you but not yet firmly committed.

The issue of finding or creating urgency is a key point in Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting's State-of-the-Art Closing Skills.

This class also spends considerable time on the issue of dealing with price objections - a challenge for many sales people.

One Oklahoma City executive closed a major sale within four hours of completing this course. In her words, "I'd been selling this all wrong, assuming the prospect was price sensitive and doing all I could to cut the price. Then I realized that the prospect wanted to be unique and creative - NOT cheap! I sold him a full package with all the extras! Thanks, Lenann, the class was awesome!"

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