I am incorporating your techniques, and in some cases, seeing them work like magic. Concerning an upcoming meeting, one of the top salespeople in our company said something that matched what you told .. Lisa
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Quick Thought: Is CLOSING Your Sales Team's Biggest Challenge?

You know you have a closing problem when you find yourself with lots of prospects you keep calling back - but not enough people committed to spending money for what you have to offer.

Closing sales is a discipline - it's something that can be learned.

Think of it this way - in order to give us a firm commitment, a prospect has to answer "Yes" to two questions:

  1. Do I want to do/buy this? And

  2. Do I want to do/buy this NOW?

Many salespeople's efforts are devoted to getting the prospect to answer "Yes" to question #1 only. That's not enough! Question #2 goes to the issue of urgency - a prospect who feels no urgency may be favorably disposed toward you but not yet firmly committed.

The issue of finding or creating urgency is a key point in Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting's State-of-the-Art Closing Skills.

This class also spends considerable time on the issue of dealing with price objections - a challenge for many sales people.

One Oklahoma City executive closed a major sale within four hours of completing this course. In her words, "I'd been selling this all wrong, assuming the prospect was price sensitive and doing all I could to cut the price. Then I realized that the prospect wanted to be unique and creative - NOT cheap! I sold him a full package with all the extras! Thanks, Lenann, the class was awesome!"

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