As a result of working with Lenann, I have become much better at handling people who come to our booth at trade shows. We're having better conversations, which often result in interest, we do our foll.. Tamsin Campbell
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What Will It Take for You to Win More Clients?

Most people have already made a valiant attempt – or many valiant attempts – to bring in more clients. And most have had a degree of success.

But what will it take for you to improve your sales significantly?

Seriously – what’s your new business development GOAL for this year? And do you think you can get there … um … doing what you did last year?

I do Sales Coaching.

People tell me all the time that they have NEVER sold as much as they have during their time receiving Sales Coaching from me.

Why? 2 reasons:

  1. Up-to-date skills (there is a great deal of Sales Research being conducted, and what’s working now is different from what was working not-so-long-ago.)
  2. Having a person you can respect walking with you as you strive to close more work. Your successes are my joy … and your failures, should there be any, are a personal challenge to me.

So let’s break that down.

Up-to-date skills means approaches to selling that are consistent with recent sales research, but also the selling skills that I have personally seen work most consistently for professionals all over the world. I coach people who are selling their professional services – or those who are selling product-and-service combinations. So if you’re just selling a physical product, there are lots of coaches – and probably, really, the Internet – to help you get the selling job done. My Coaching is for people who are selling their organization – and usually themselves personally – as the right people to address problems.

We know what’s working in selling now … and it’s probably not the selling skills you learned years ago!

It’s also not intuitive.

If you’re just using your instincts to guide your selling efforts, you’re missing out on a body of useful knowledge.

But it’s hard to know what to do because there is all sorts of advice available about selling. Much of it is out-of-date, or doesn’t apply to your service. Quite a bit of it is based on nothing more than the opinion of a self-appointed guru. My special skill is pulling together the DATA about what’s working now in selling, and sharing with you the skills that fit best with your personality.

How am I qualified to do that?

That goes to issue #2 above – why I’m worthy of your respect as a Sales Coach.

  • You’ll want a Sales Coach who’s proven to be successful. I’ve been coaching professionals selling their services for 20 years, and you can see what people have to say about me here or here.
  • Your Sales Coach should be someone who’s a recognized authority. My first book Got Sales? The Complete Guide to Today’s Proven Methods for Selling Services was nominated for the Axiom Business Book Award as the best sales book of the year. My second book Win More Clients is available for ordering.
  • It’s probably best to have a Sales Coach who thoroughly understands business, and can relate to your circumstances. I spent two years getting my Harvard MBA for the most solid background in business available anywhere.
  • You probably want a Sales Coach who has been recognized for her own selling skills, not just her ability to coach others. I was #1 sales rep worldwide at my division of Xerox in my first year selling.
  • How about someone who understands how Selling fits into the overall Marketing picture? I was named “Professional Services Marketer of the Year” by my local American Marketing Association chapter. Perhaps more importantly, I launched a product that did $150 million in profitable sales in its first year on the market, and a second product that did $80 million in sales in its first six months.
  • Is it important that your Sales Coach have an international perspective? I’ve worked throughout the U.S., in Canada, and in more than 50 other countries around the world. If you’re dealing cross-culturally, that will be important.
  • Do you need your Sales Coach to present to your Group, so everyone has a set of up-to-date selling skills on which to build? If so, you may want a CSP – a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association – to be sure the ideas come across in an interactive, engaging, fast-moving educational session.

Plus, my dog really likes me (and I’m pretty sure my husband and daughter feel the same way)

If you haven’t tried Coaching, experiment with it. Call me, and we’ll do a Coaching session together, and then a second session to see what you’ve been able to apply from the first – I want to know what actual money you’ve brought in (or, if your service has a very long sell cycle, I want to know what business opportunities you’ve moved forward.) You be the judge. I’m at +1.505.828.1788.