I have always seen you as a speaker who has a clear message to give, with arguments well constructed to support your thesis. The passion and conviction with which you express yourself, allied to a cle.. Gavin Hill
Partner in Charge, Financial Advisory Services – Deloitte Central Europe



Having just a few powerful, provocative, short messages – your Positioning – is crucial for successful marketing. Lenann helps you Position your services and/or products as a foundation for a marketing strategy that helps you to exceed your growth goals.

As an Executive Coach, Lenann has helped hundreds of people around the world to achieve success. Why consider having a coach? You may be moving so fast and be so busy that you haven’t been able to focus much beyond your technical field of expertise. Lenann will keep you moving toward your long term goals with quick telephone coaching sessions using a goal-oriented, step-by-step approach to help you get clear about what success will look like. She holds your feet to the fire to be sure you take action on what you said you want, and works with you to achieve results that are above your expectations.

Get a marketing plan in place and get support on advertising, marketing, public relations, and trade show strategies. Other programs available:

  • Videotaped Sales Coaching

  • Sales Blitz (a contest for setting appointments with decisionmakers by telephone)

  • Networking Skills

  • Maximizing your Marketing Effort

  • Assertiveness for Women

  • Effective Sales Management

  • Time and Task Management

  • Developing and Managing a Sales Pipeline

  • Negotiating Success

  • Gender Differences in Communication

  • Prospecting Skills