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Your Emotional Needs and Your Prospect’s Pain

Don’t try to get your emotional needs met when you’re selling! 

Do you go out selling wanting people to like you, to appreciate you, to encourage you? Get your emotional needs met with your family, friends, pets. When you’re selling, hear your prospect’s Pain, and if he's being negative, hear the Pain that drives the negativity and talk about that.  

Don’t worry that it seems that the person may not like you—perhaps he doesn’t, because you’re the person who’s causing him to look at how very bad his situation is. 

So be it. 

If he has Pain, and he comes to see your offering as something that can eliminate, or at least lessen, that Pain, he’ll probably be working with you soon. Hear the negativity for what it is—the expression of a person who has Pain.  

The worst prospect isn’t the one who’s negative and protesting; the worst prospect is one who is quite happy to talk with you, shoot the breeze, use up the day, but who has no Pain -- no real need for whatever you have to offer/sell. 

Many salespeople call on such non-prospects every day—because even though they buy exactly nothing, at least they’re not confrontational or negative. That’s just silly! 

The worst prospect isn’t the explosive one—it’s the person who has no Pain and who wastes your time. 

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