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Why are you doing what you're doing?

I recently listened to a podcast from thought leader Alan Weiss, who suggested that it’s a good idea, from time to time, to ask ourselves, “Why is it I’m doing what I’m doing?”

Weiss’s point was that we should discard the things we’re doing that don’t fit with the future we want. Great thinking!

This relates to most people’s business development efforts. They’re doing what they’ve always done. Their priorities are these:
  1. Go to the meetings that they have promised to attend.
  2. Check their text messages.
  3. Do their email.
  4. Get up tomorrow and do #1 through #3 all over again.

I believe that on the day you die, your email in box will be full! So why focus there?
Instead, think of what you can do, today, that has the greatest chance of moving you a step closer to a goal you have for yourself.

One way to look at your possible activities, today, is to evaluate each of those activities on the basis of whether that activity will…
  • Likely move you closer to a goal you have for yourself (give such an activity a “+”.)
  • Likely move you further away from a goal you have for yourself (give such an activity a “-“.)
  • Or likely neither move you toward, nor away from, your goals (give such an activity a “0”)
Then do the activities that have the “+” symbols!

The most successful business developers I know are not invested in “finishing” with their email queue. They are invested in bringing in more revenue.

Are you afraid that, if you don’t read all your email, you might miss something? You will. And you can live with that! In my experience, if you’re bringing in enough new revenue, you’ll be forgiven for delayed email responses.

In fact, you’ll be forgiven for a lot of things, if your revenue production is significant enough. If people really need an answer to their email, they’ll pursue you to get it.

I’m not suggesting you ignore all the responsibilities associated with your job. I am suggesting that you “prioritize the plusses.” And watch what happens!
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