A real talent for effective selling is not the exclusive preserve of a few “dog and pony show specialists” or used car salespersons: it is a skill we can all develop without having to change our perso.. Thierry Montfort
(Former) President and CEO – Heel USA


Where is Your Heart?

Where is your heart as you enter a selling interaction? If what’s in your heart is “I gotta close this guy!” or “I’m going to nail this deal!” your prospect can feel that he’s being used, and he will likely move away from you.

But if you have a Clean Heart Position, which is a sincere desire to see your prospect get what he or she wants, whether or not you or your service or product are involved, you’re in a much better place, and the prospect can feel that sincere goodwill.

So go into a conversation with a sincere desire to see the prospect get what he or she wants, rather than a desire to manipulate or to push. Understand, though, once again, that the first reaction of most people is: “I don’t need whatever you have.”

Our challenge often is to keep the conversation going long enough for the prospect to see that she does need to make an investment with us, or that it may be in her best interests to pursue a discussion with us. Getting a conversation to last long enough for a prospect to see the opportunity you represent is easier if you like the prospect, and show it.

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