I've heard many speakers and this one is the best! It's the first time I've been told specifically how to avoid dropping the price of my services!.. Ibraham Salman
– Marriott - Egypt


Today’s Proven Methods for Selling Services… and Products as Well!

Do you need more sales, better sales, a different kind of sales, or just more money coming in? Ready for some new ideas? If you sell services, or product-and-service combinations, you’ll want to pay attention to these upcoming blog posts.
When your sales theory is good, but what you say is wrong, you lose. Most people say the wrong things when they’re trying to sell. It’s important to note that most salespeople talk too much. Selling is about the prospective buyer, not about you. Talk less.
Even those who have had sales training and those who have read books about selling—even the good books, the ones based on recent sales research— still say the wrong things, and that’s why their results are less than the best.
As with most disciplines, salesmanship is an evolving topic. What was working in sales years ago may not be working well now. The good news is that we have more data about what’s working in sales now than at any time in history. I’ll be summarizing what that data says, and provide practical tips for using it.
Most people have ideas about how to sell. Some of those ideas are not bad and remain effective. Others are old, may be irritating to prospects, and some have actually been proven not to work.
If your approach to selling is based on training or a book that is more than ten years old, reevaluate it. Much has changed in the last decade, including the ways in which people like to be approached.
Many books on the shelf in your local bookstore are pretty and contain plausible-sounding suggestions. Check out the publication date on any book you’re considering using and, if it’s more than ten years ago, question the contents!
Ready for some solid advice on what’s working in selling today? Tune in for the next post!


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