Lenann gives me ideas that are game changers. Whole meetings (with prospects) change as a result of the ideas I get from Lenann. And the results of those meetings change for the better, too!.. Lisa
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Tips on Continuing the Sales Conversation

Say something nice, if you mean it.

Compliment a person whenever you are legitimately impressed with something they have done. As your grandmother probably used to say, if you can say something nice, why wouldn’t you do so?



Express enthusiasm!

Whenever possible, express enthusiasm for your prospect, her circumstances, and the potential in working with you. If you’re not enthused about the potential in your working together, don’t expect her to be. It’s a particularly good idea to show some enthusiasm for something your prospect has done that is not at all related to what you do, or what you offer.

Say thanks. And ask for referrals.

Be sure to acknowledge and thank a prospect or client whenever they move toward you by agreeing with you, or setting up time to meet with you, or introducing other prospects to you. And always ask people for referrals. The best time to do that is anytime they are happy with you or your work.

Here’s a simple way to do this. Ask: “Who else do you know who can benefit from the work I do?”

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