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The Importance of Being a Good Listener

The best listeners generally are the best salespeople. Not always. Some people listen very well, but are unable to ask prospects to buy. They fail.

But generally, if you’re not a good listener, you don’t end up selling much. So focusing on developing the best listening skills is of paramount importance.

Have you ever been involved in an argument, perhaps with your spouse or a close friend, in which one person says, “You’re not listening to me!” And the other person says, “Yes, I am. I could write down every word you just said!” And the first person says, “Yes, but you’re not really listening to me!”

How could that happen? How could someone not feel heard, even though you can repeat everything he or she said? Because, though you may have heard the words, you didn’t necessarily take the meaning intended.

In a study asking people how often they felt “fully heard and understood,” the most commonly given answer was 15 percent of the time! Humans have a universal desire to be heard. If we’re expending the effort to speak, it’s out of a desire to be heard. And yet we experience feeling heard and understood so rarely.

Over the next few posts, we’ll look at how we can listen so as to give our prospects that universally desired feeling of having been heard and understood.

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