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Distributor / Key Account Sales – Heel USA


The Early Stages of Keeping the Conversation Going

Keep in mind these six key points early in the selling conversation:

  1. Listen for your prospect’s Pain. Pain is:

    • Things that are troubling right now.

    • Things that have been troubling in the past.

    • Things that your prospect is afraid will be troubling in the future.

    • Things that your prospect has heard were troubling for others in similar circumstances to his.

  2. When you hear Pain, talk about it. Ask questions about it. If you can, try to quantify the damage the Pain is causing.

  3. See the selling task as bringing your prospect’s Pain into his front-of-mind awareness and getting him to focus on it. Pain is actionable when the prospect is aware of it and conscious of how much it’s costing him.

  4. Follow The 90–10–90 Rule: Ideally, when you’re talking with a prospect, the prospect is speaking 90 percent of the time. Of the 10 percent of the time that you are speaking, you should be spending 90 percent of that asking questions.

  5. Remember the exception to The 90–10–90 Rule: You may talk as long as you like if you’re answering questions your prospect has posed.


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