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The Importance of Remaining Positive

Your attitude is one key to your success in selling.  If you believe that you will fail, you probably will—it’s what psychologists call a self-fulfilling prophesy. 

If, on the other hand, you believe that you have something worthwhile to offer the world, and that, while it may not be for everyone, people exist for whom this would be a good idea, your task is just to find those folks, and to keep the conversation going long enough for them to realize the opportunity you or your service or product represent to them. 

Because salespeople are distrusted and disliked—it’s hard to find a profession other than politics, journalism, law, or organized crime with a more negative reputation—it is terribly important that your own attitude be positive as you conduct your sales activities.  

Keep in mind that your attitude is a choice—why would you choose anything other than a sunny and helpful attitude? Books by everyone from Holocaust survivors to cancer sufferers talk about the triumph of a positive attitude; what’s your excuse for ever being negative? 

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