Before your session our associates were averaging less than 30% out of a possible 100% on the 'closing' part of mystery shopper calls. Since your session every single sales manager got 100%! They nail.. Tina M. Sampson
(Former) Vice President Sales and Marketing – Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center


The Good News about Objections

Before you can close, it’s often the case that you’ll need to deal with objections.  

Objections are, simply, reasons that prospects have for not moving forward with you.  

Objections can show up at any stage of the selling process, and it’s good when they do—the person offering you an objection is telling you what stands between the two of you doing business together.  Prospects don’t have to tell you the obstacles to working with you—when they do you’re actually closer to the possibility of working together, because you know where the problem lies and can address that area specifically! 

Consider the ten steps to handling objections effectively that we’ll cover during the next few posts. Let me know your thoughts about them!

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