After decades in the business, I now know more about how to be effective in sales meetings and how to create a “commercial mind” in our local directors, than ever before. Thanks to my participation in.. Luigi Garlati
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Talking About Price

Never talk about a number before you can put that number in the context of some Pain the prospect is having. Here’s a response to the question, “What does this cost?”

“I understand that you want a number from me, Fred. That’s reasonable. But I do need to know a bit more about the situation, so I can be sure of what we’re doing together, and then I can come up with a fee. Fair enough?”

Should you quote a price range? No! The only number your prospect will hear is the lower end of the range, and he will be negotiating you down from there! If you’re asked to quote a range, say:

“I understand you want to know the fee, Fred. That’s fair. I want to give you an idea of that. Please tell me, now, how do you think you’d like to work with me?” or, “Which model do you see working best for you?”

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