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Take Note of Pain!

In the initial stages of selling, you are simply keeping the conversation going, tying everything you say to what your prospect just said, and listening for Pain. When you hear Pain, be sure to write it down!

If you’re an extensive note taker, as I am, be sure to put an asterisk (*) next to every piece of Pain in your notes. Then you can find it easily if, for example, your prospect suddenly decides he needs to end the meeting. At that point, you can possibly reengage her in this meeting—or schedule another—simply by acknowledging that she wants to end the meeting, while bringing up some of the Pain, like this:

“Mrs. Smith, I understand you need to finish up here. May I ask, now, with that decline in market share you’re experiencing, is your profit suffering too?”

Or: “Mr. Jones, I see you need to bring this to a close quickly. Now, that competitor who you said is hurting your business so much lately, have you been able to come up with a strategy for countering that?”

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