Really enjoyed your class last week at Sandia, I would recommend your class to all. Really liked the human factors and subtle clues about when a (sales) meeting is going well. Things that go beyond th.. Norb Tencza
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Sending Articles to Keep in Touch

Send articles of interest to your prospects on a regular basis.

Articles of interest can be about your field—say changes in a law affecting how you can provide service to his industry—or about other things that are of interest to your prospect. For example, I sent a prospect who’s a history buff a review of a new book that’s a first-person account of the Revolutionary War, a subject that has nothing to do with his business, but one in which he has a great personal interest.

The idea is to convey that you’re thinking of this person who is your prospect, and to keep yourself in his/her mind. Other articles I send out have to do with new developments in the field of sales training, how to calculate return on investment in sales training, and articles about developments in my prospects’ industries.

I put a personal note on the article—not on a separate piece of paper or a business card, as those things can be thrown away. That way, if he’s keeping the article, he’s keeping my personal note. (When I email an article or a link, however, this isn’t possible.)

And then I try to touch base a minimum of twice a year, whether I call, send a newsletter, send another article, or set up a lunch or coffee when I’m in the prospect’s geographic area. And, while some prospects in significant Pain hire me right away, others have taken as much as eight years to actually hire me! 

That happened because I know what I’m doing, and because I work hard to establish and nurture my connection and relationships with my prospects. You can do that, too!

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