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Sales Dialogue: Looking for Pain

Imagine that you have identified a prospect for the service or product you offer. You have the chance to chat with this individual, whom you sincerely hope will want to buy what you sell. So you have that conversation.

To make this example realistic, let’s say you telephone your prospect, Mr. Smith, although this type of conversation could just as easily occur in person. Let’s assume you are an architect and you heard from one of his employees that Mr. Smith is planning to expand his company by building a new headquarters building. The conversation might go like this:

Jim: Good (cough) morning, this is Jim Smith.

You: Good morning Jim Smith, this is Lenann Gardner. I’m calling from Gardner, Smith, and Reidy. We’re a local architecture firm, and we specialize in helping people expand their facilities. Are you looking to grow in that way?

Jim: Do I know you?

You: I don’t think we’ve met directly, but I do a lot of work with businesses here locally, and I thought we might have a preliminary conversation about your plans to grow Smith Enterprises.

Jim: Well, nothing’s been announced yet.

You: Nothing’s announced.

Jim: And we probably won’t do much until after the first of the year (cough). This is a busy time for us.

You: I see. And after the first of the year you’d be starting to think about expanding?

Jim: I think we’re going to have to. Unless we can figure out how to stack people’s desks vertically.

You: (chuckle) Stack them vertically, hmm? That’ll be tough!  (Note that anytime a prospect is trying to be funny, you should laugh, or at least chuckle!)

Jim: Yeah, well, that’s probably the time line anyway. (In background a woman’s voice says, “Mr. Smith, your 2 o’clock appointment is waiting for you.”) Why don’t you send me some information on your company?

Okay, let’s see how well you’re doing. Stop right now and list all the Pain Jim has just shared with you, in this brief conversation. How many different “pieces of Pain” can you identify?

To be continued in the next post!
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