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Respond to Every Prospect Question

It’s important to respond to every question a prospect poses, no matter how minor it may seem. If you don’t know the answer, agree to get it for the prospect, and then do that. 


After you’ve appreciated him for asking it, and responded to it, make sure that you ask whether you’ve answered the question adequately. You don’t have to use the word “adequately,” but do check in with the prospect to see if he’s satisfied with your response.  

If your response concerns something that’s a weakness of your product or service, answer it, and then say something like: “Is that a major consideration for you, Mary Lou?” 

For example, you’re a one-man business and your prospect says, “I’d like your people to go out and do a training day with presentations in each of our regions simultaneously.” 

You could say: “I see, Fred!  You’d like a nationwide training day. Great idea! Perhaps I didn’t mention to you, though, that I work alone, so I can’t be in all the regions at once, except by video. Should we look at video as a possibility, or having a training week in which I visit one city after another?”

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