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Rejection and Finding the Time to Prospect

The single biggest obstacle to successful new business development is finding the time to reach out to new prospects, as well as to established clients, concerning other ways in which we might be helpful to them. 

As Todd Duncan writes in his excellent book Time Traps, “Every salesperson has a challenge with time. It is the most...pervasive problem I’ve come across in fifteen years of sales training...." People who are paralyzed by fear of rejection will seldom find time for selling

If you’re afraid of rejection, welcome to the human race. All of us dislike rejection. No one got up this morning so he or she could go out and get rejected! 

And yet all of us have been rejected. (Is there anyone reading this who was not dumped in high school?) 

And, so far, every time we’ve been rejected, we’ve managed to draw another breath. 

So the conclusion we can reach is, when we next get rejected, we’ll probably keep breathing. The successful professional doesn't let fear stop him or her from reaching out to prospects!

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