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Prof. Services Firms Typically Aren’t Supporting Their People with Their #1 Business Challenge

Recently, Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner, Strategist and Growth Expert at, posed a very interesting question on a closed LinkedIn group called International Professional Services Business Development. He shared some research done by his firm and asked:

Are you facing these challenges? How do you compare to management consulting firms? What are the top five business challenges for management consulting firms in the coming year?
Learn what our research found in this post: Top 5 Business Challenges for Management Consulting Firms | Hinge

Here’s Hinge’s summary chart of their research:  
My response? Here’s what I shared with the group: 

Interesting that new research with over 500 professional services firms shows their "Top Business Challenge" is New Business Development (NBD) -- mentioned by 81% of firms surveyed. 

No other challenge was mentioned by more than 25% of surveyed firms! 

So why isn't NBD atop the "Action Items List" for most firms? 

News Alert: Your internal training people are unlikely to be able to keep the firm updated on what's working in selling professional services now -- particularly if they are not, themselves, successful salespeople. There is so much new information that you'll need an expert. 

More News: Training alone (online or in person) -- even by an expert -- won't do the job. The most successful approach: Sales Coaching on real-life sales situations your team is facing now. 

Want to engage your people to do better on the top business challenge they face? Support them with a first-rate marketing effort, and outsource a Sales Coach.
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