I am incorporating your techniques, and in some cases, seeing them work like magic. Concerning an upcoming meeting, one of the top salespeople in our company said something that matched what you told .. Lisa
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Points to Remember on Opening the Sales Conversation

  1. Don’t begin with “I.” Selling should be mostly YOU-YOU-YOU, rather than ME-ME-ME messages.

  2. Express what you have to offer in terms of what’s important to your prospect.

  3. Use your prospect’s words as much as possible.

  4. Don’t be afraid to use your prospect’s name.

  5. Remember that the most powerful things you can do to help another person feel comfortable with you right away in a business situation are:

    • Talk exactly as loudly as the other person talks

    • Talk at the same speed as the other person does

    • Have a similar body posture.

  6. Be positive, upbeat and encouraging as well as knowledgeable of what you have to offer and willing to listen, thinking not of closing a deal but of helping this person.

  7. Have an Objective or stretch goal for every conversation that you initiate with a prospect, and say it out loud three times before you walk in or pick up the phone to call.

  8. Develop a Ten Most-Wanted List of people with whom you would love to be doing business and read it daily.

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