I’ve learned things I’ll use forever!.. Jamin Travis Busick
Distributor / Key Account Sales – Heel USA


Points to Remember on Responding to Your Prospect’s Questions

1. Welcome questions your prospect poses. 

2. If you don’t understand a question, or why it’s being asked, inquire. 

3. When Pain is present, questions may be asked in an antagonistic way. Respond directly to the Pain, and give the emotional words back to the questioner. 

4. Prospects are voting with their feet when they’re sitting with us—they must be interested in working with us, or they wouldn’t be sitting there, no matter how negative they appear to be. 

5. Never try to get your own emotional needs met when you’re selling. 

6. The worst prospect isn’t the explosive one—it’s the person who has no Pain and who wastes your time. 

7. Respond to every question the prospect poses, no matter how minor. 

8. After responding to a question, make sure you ask whether you’ve answered it adequately.

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