Thank you for your patience, time and effort in bringing our Colombian Sales up! I have become a better seller because I have been working with you – and I look forward to continuing that... Kelly Rodriguez
Executive of Global Business TMF Colombia Ltda. – Bogota


Points on How to Talk About What You Have to Sell

1. Selling is about the other person, not about you. 

2. When your prospect asks about you or your service or product, don’t launch into a big story. Answer briefly, and ask if your prospect would like to know more. 

3. If your prospect isn’t asking for more, don’t offer more. If you really want to say more, inquire whether your prospect would like you to add more. 

4. Keep sales conversations dialogues rather than monologues. 

5. The key to their MINDS is what comes out their MOUTHS. If you want to know what someone is thinking, get him talking. 

6. You may talk about your service’s features all you like, but you must tie those features down to the benefits associated with them—what the features do for people. 

7. Be sure you’re talking with the decision maker—the person who can either spend money directly for what you have to offer, or authorize spending.

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