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Points on Helping Your Prospects to Trust You

As Sharon Drew Morgan said in her book, Selling With Integrity, “The seller must take the responsibility to create an environment of trust… and ensure that the buyer and seller are aligned on the same side of the table, both knowing the ultimate goal is to support the buyer…”

1. According to The Trusted Advisor, by Maister, Green and Galford, your background, track record, experience, education, and technical competence contribute to one element of trust—your Credibility. 

2. Reliability—the repeated experience of expectations met—is a second element necessary for trust to be established. 

3. Your willingness to let conversations go beyond traditional bounds, and your willingness to be somewhat self-revealing are also essential elements of trust (labeled Intimacy). 

4. Self-Orientation is the extent to which others feel that your motivation in dealing with them is self-serving.  A lack of self-orientation (a Clean Heart Position) contributes to trust.

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