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Pain Awareness and Selling

When should you deliver your statement of what you can do for your prospect? Ideally, when he asks for it!

Imagine a black-and-blue bruise on your forearm right now. How many times a day will you bump that?

Of course! You’ll bump it almost constantly! When you reach over to turn off your alarm clock. When you reach for your toothbrush. Your shower door. Your car door. Your desk. And every time you bump that bruise, you’ll say, “Ouch!”

Now, how much does the bruise hurt when you’re not bumping it?

Usually, not at all.

This is an excellent analogy for selling. Your prospects probably have Pain and perhaps have it in areas where your service or product alleviates Pain. But they’re probably not thinking about this Pain. In fact, most of us actively put our Pain out of our minds every day, so we can go to work and get something done.

Most business people are focusing on putting out fires and just doing what needs to be done today, rather than looking at the big picture with any regularity. And yet the services we provide can often help their big picture be brighter. How to get them to focus on that potential?

Push on the Pain! Press on that bruise! Talk about the fact that it hurts them, and how much it hurts them (if how much it hurts can be expressed in dollar terms, so much the better). Don’t talk about solving the problem or alleviating the Pain yet—just talk about the Pain itself. How long they’ve had it. How it’s holding them back. How very much it really does hurt!

When the Pain is front-of-mind for your prospect, and he is in touch with how much it hurts, he is most likely to act to alleviate it.

Selling is bringing his Pain into your prospect’s front-of-mind awareness and getting him to focus on it. Pain is actionable when the prospect is aware of it and conscious of how much it’s costing him, whether that cost is monetary, or just in reduced peace of mind!

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