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On Becoming a Better Listener

1. The type of listening that counts when you’re selling is listening that causes the prospect to feel heard and understood. 

2. When listening and conveying to your prospect that he has been heard, keep your opinion out of what you say. 

3. Refer to “the investment” rather than the cost or the price. 

4. Remember that many sales conversations are awkward because otherwise kindhearted people are afraid of being backed into corners by aggressive salespeople.  

5. In selling, you are helping people to bring their Pain to the surface, look at it, understand its implications, and then decide on a strategy for dealing with it—or decide to ignore it. 

6. Selling by giving presentations poses significant risks—when you’re presenting you may give your prospect a Reason to Reject. It’s better to have a dialogue than a monologue. 

7. Don’t translate what you hear from a prospect into words that are more comfortable for you. Use his words! 

8. Avoid jargon—technical terms and acronyms. Only use jargon when your prospect used it first, and you’re pretty sure you know what she meant by it. 

9. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted when you’re selling. You may be busy, but do whatever you’re doing—especially talking with a prospect—100 percent.

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