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No Pain = No Prospect

Final point on the subject of Pain: If, when you leave a conversation with a prospect, you cannot answer the question, “What is that person’s Pain?” you don’t have a prospect, no matter how long the conversation lasted.

Sometimes, of course, the Pain is simply “I want to be ahead of my competitors.” But never forget: If there’s no Pain, you don’t have a prospect.

Are you asking, “But what about their needs?” I am often asked why I advise salespeople to focus on Pain; many people prefer to use the word “needs.”

Whenever someone who’s selling me says, “I want to know your needs,” I want to reply, “Food, clothing, and shelter. Which one do you want to help me with?”

That sounds nasty, but the fact is, those are my needs. Philosophically, I think many people don’t know what they need when they’re talking with salespeople, especially when they’re talking with those of us who provide professional services.

They do know what hurts. And when I understand that, I may be able to suggest some things that will alleviate that Pain. While I don’t use the word “Pain” when I’m talking with prospects, I am thinking in terms of “Where does this person hurt?” and talking about that and the person’s specific problems or worries, during much of my selling time.

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