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Negative Words are Sales Killers

Much data exists supporting the notion that negativity is a sales killer. It’s been found that the presence in a sales conversation of the words “no,” “not,” “won’t,” “can’t,” “don’t,” “aren’t” or any word rooted in the word “no” increases the likelihood that selling efforts will fail. So your challenge is to avoid those negative words when selling. 

The good news is, that’s not hard to do. The English language is flexible enough to allow you to convey exactly the same meaning without resorting to those negative words.  

For example, say: “I can have that for you next week.” 

Rather than, “I can’t have that for you until next week.” 

Many inexperienced salespeople say “No” entirely too much.  If your prospect is posing a question, the best possible answer to that question is  “Yes.” 

If yes is the answer, but only under certain conditions, begin with the word yes, then add the conditions: 
“Yes, and that would be under these conditions, Fred.” 

What if the truthful answer to a question your prospect asks you is no, absolutely no, never, non, nein, nyet, ain’t going to happen?  Try saying: 
 “It’s interesting that you would ask me that, Mary Lou...” 

See what happens.  Sometimes people will rephrase the question—into something that you can answer: 
“Yes, under these conditions...” 

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