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Liking Your Prospect

As author Rick Page points out in his book, Hope Is Not a Strategy: The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale, “none of us is a good enough actor” to hide our dislike of a prospect. By finding some things you like about a prospect and focusing on them, you have a much better chance of making a sale.

One way of doing this is to express interest in your prospect. Too many salespeople seem interested only in their own services, not in what their prospect is doing. That’s a shame. Ask about him. Inquire about his company or product. Especially if he’s uncomfortable, talk about some aspect of his world, not your services.

For example:

“Joe, how do your clients work with you on something like this?”

“Mary, I think this is a really interesting product. How does it work?”

“Ms. Jones, when you say you are introducing a new line in this division, what kind of people will be interested in it?”

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