A real talent for effective selling is not the exclusive preserve of a few “dog and pony show specialists” or used car salespersons: it is a skill we can all develop without having to change our perso.. Thierry Montfort
(Former) President and CEO – Heel USA


Key Points on Remaining Positive and Dealing with Rejection

1. Attitude is a key to success in selling—take a positive approach, adopting the belief that you have something worthwhile to offer the world, and that your task is to find those who can benefit from it.  

2. Avoid negative words—no, not, won’t, can’t, don’t, aren’t. 

3. The best answer to a prospect’s question is “yes.” If the answer’s yes, but only under certain conditions, say “Yes, and that would be under these conditions...” 

4. If the truthful answer to a prospect’s question is “No,” try saying, “It’s interesting that you would ask me that...” Sometimes people will rephrase the question into something that you can answer, “Yes, and that would be under these conditions...” 

5. Have a different standard for success in business development efforts than you would for success in any other type of work.  For many people, a 40 percent success rate in selling activity is world class! 

6. Increase time spent face-to-face and phone-to-phone (F2F and P2P) with prospects to improve overall selling results. 

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