Lenann, as always, I felt your material and delivery were superb this morning for “Closing Sales”. Thank you for always providing valuable and relevant information and tips to help us with our Program.. Tracy Wilbur
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How to Follow Up When You’re Selling

1. Understand that your prospect has the bag of money, so he’s in control of the sales conversation, not you.

2. Adopt a systematic, methodical follow-up approach. With new prospects, get back in touch a second time within 4 business days of your first contact, and connect again within no more than 30 days of the original contact.

3. The best approach to handling voicemail:
   a. Match loudness and speed of speech, say something provocative about what you have to offer, leave your name and phone, and be sure the last word you say is the prospect’s name.  Send an email immediately after leaving a voicemail.
   b. Wait approximately 24 hours.
   c. Call again and, if you miss the prospect, leave another voicemail.
   d. Wait approximately 24 hours.
   e. Call again and, if you miss the prospect again, leave a third voicemail.
   f. Wait approximately 24 hours, and if you are really committed to reaching the prospect, send an email asking for a call back and promising to keep it brief.

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