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How To Do Systematic, Methodical Follow-Up

The one thing in selling that you can control, of course, is you. The biggest mistake salespeople make is not spending enough time face-to-face or phone-to-phone (F2F or P2P) with those who are in a position to spend money for what they have to sell.

If you spend enough time F2F or P2P with such people, be sure you have a systematic, methodical way to follow-up. If you send a letter to introduce yourself, telephone behind that letter within four business days of sending it.

If you’re following up behind a mailing, or if you’re cold calling, and you get voicemail or an assistant, leave a message. Match the prospect’s loudness and speed of speech on a voicemail, and say something provocative about what you have to offer. (Provocative phrases should be readily available in your Positioning Statement.  Let me know if you need more information about this,) 

In a voicemail, be sure the last word you say is the prospect’s name, not “goodbye”! And if you’re talking with an assistant, be kind, get his name, and speak to him directly the next time you call in.

Here’s an outline for voicemail follow-up protocol:

1. Match loudness and speed of speech in your prospect’s outgoing voicemail message and leave a voicemail (or leave a paper message, if that’s offered).  Send an email at the same time.
2. Wait about 24 hours.
3. Leave another voicemail.
4. Wait about another 24 hours.
5. Leave another voicemail.
6. Wait another 24 hours, and if you’re very serious about contacting the prospect, write him another email.  After that, let him go in peace, or put him on a reminder list for contact in the next quarter.

Look for an example of this approach in the next post!

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