I worked with Lenann about 5 years ago. Just this month, I once again applied what she taught me, and closed 4 of 5 proposals – over $300,000! Lenann Gardner is a combination of blazing intelligence a.. Pat Davis
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Handling Objections Effectively – Step One and Two

The first step in handling objections is to be sure you have the right attitude.  

One way of looking at objections is that a person offering you an objection is offering you an opportunity to close him. If he didn’t want to be closed, he could simply terminate the conversation. So a person offering you an objection is doing you a favor.  

Receive the objection as the gift that it is. (Most people who don’t do business with us never really tell us why; they just don’t do business with us!) 

Encourage people to tell you their concerns, and don’t behave defensively. (Note: this is the opposite of the old-fashioned sales advice to “overcome objections”—as if they’re obstacles to be beaten down. Thinking in terms of overcoming objections is a wonderful example of the old-fashioned “I’m going to fight with you” school of salesmanship – and most people don’t want to fight!)

Remember that objections can be like onions—you address or peel away one layer, and, rather than moving forward happily, you’ve just uncovered another layer of objection that must be addressed. You usually won’t be able to get to the ultimate “spend money” close unless you’ve addressed all of your prospect’s objections.  

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