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Get Prospects Talking to Engage Their Minds

If you allow yourself to be drawn into a monologue (just you talking), remember that your prospect’s attention may disappear! Think of it this way: people can nod and smile while devoting less than 1 percent of their brains to the conversation happening in the room. 

The key to understanding their minds is to focus on what comes out their mouths. Nothing will come out of their mouths if you’re talking. 

Some advice I received years ago: when you’re with a prospect, imagine that there’s a huge spotlight in the ceiling, mounted on a rotating assembly. The spotlight rotates to shine its light on whoever is speaking. Get it off you and onto your prospect!

In terms of what you say about what you have to sell, and how you say it, consider using the words your prospect has used, or simply tying what you have to offer to his specific industry. 

For example, I teach people how to sell, how to close, how to be better marketers, and how to make more money. If I’m talking to a banker, and he asks me what I do, I’ll say: 
“I help bankers figure out how to make more money.” 

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