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Examples of the Two Most Powerful Questions to Ask in Selling

The most powerful questions to ask when you’re selling:

  1. What does that problem, or that Pain, mean to you?

  2. If you solved that problem, or eliminated that Pain, what would that mean to you?

Here are examples of question type number one:

“Ms. Jones, you mentioned that you’re a contractor who likes to stay current with the latest building materials, but that recently you haven’t really pursued learning about newer building materials. How do you think that affects your appeal to prospective clients?”

“Mr. Smith, you said you need to cut the cost of your information technology department. How is that affecting your thinking about the future of that department?”

These are examples of question-type number two:

“Mr. Jones, if you were able to cut in half the energy bills of the people who live in the homes you build, what do you think that would mean for your contracting business?”

“Ms. Smith, you mentioned that you’re concerned that your company is spending too much money on accommodations for visiting executives. If you were able to cut your investment in hotels, but still keep those executives comfortable and happy, what would that mean for you?”

What you do with the responses you receive is coming in the next post!

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