As a result of working with Lenann, I have become much better at handling people who come to our booth at trade shows. We're having better conversations, which often result in interest, we do our foll.. Tamsin Campbell
President – Decagon Devices, Inc.


Even Negative Questions are Positive

Bottom line, if you can get a prospect to talk, even if he’s talking trash about your product or service, that’s better than his saying nothing! 

As someone once said to me, “So, we get him to throw it all up, all of it, all over the table, and then we sort through it and see what really is powerful enough to be a show-stopper—that is, to end the possibility that we’ll do business together?” 


Remember, they’re voting with their feet. Think about it this way: why is your prospect sitting with you, telling you all the reasons why he doesn’t need what you have to sell? Is this an accident in the universe? Does he have nothing else to do today, so he’s taking the time to be with you and tell you all the negative stuff? Why are his feet here with you?  

Most people are busy. They have lots of other things to do. So the fact that they’re sitting with you, even if they’re expressing a lot of negativity, is not an accident at all.  

As Shakespeare wrote, he “doth protest too much, methinks.” Sometimes, the person with the most negativity is the person in the most Pain—the person who needs you the most.  
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