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CRM is not a replacement for selling skills!

I talk with a lot of organizations that provide professional services. I am getting the idea that many of these firms have been sold very expensive Customer Relationship Management systems to address their sales problems.
CRM is just a piece of software for tracking your prospects and customers, and keeping a record of what you’ve said to them. Usually it reminds you when you need to get back in touch. But it definitely won’t do the selling for you!
It’s kind of like the people who give their employees information about the company’s products and services – and think that’s Sales Training. Yes, of course, it’s important that you know the capabilities of your product or service, but knowing that won’t make you better at connecting with the people who might buy, and getting their agreement to spend money with you.
THAT, my friends, requires selling skills training, and while it’s not a replacement for product training, it’s an essential thing. With product training and selling skills training under your belt, you’ll be set to enter information into your CRM and let it remind you of your history with each prospect.  

Either that, or you could just schedule a time when you’ll need to be in touch, again, with each prospect at the end of each conversation you have with them, and put your notes of the conversation in a simple Word document or directly on your calendar.  

In my experience, so many services firms are contacting so few prospects that CRM is much more sophisticated and costly than their limited selling effort warrants!
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