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Closing Rules One and Two

Closing Rule Number One: Ask for something. That means that, at the end of every selling conversation, you must pose a question that asks the prospect to move forward with you.  Here are some examples of what to say: 

“Shall we go ahead and get that ordered, then?” 

“Let’s go ahead and set up a time for that meeting, shall we?” 

“Can the crew come out and get started on that project on Monday, then?” 

Or my favorite Stephan Schiffman recommendation from his terrific book Closing Techniques (That Really Work!):  “Makes sense to me.  What do you think?” 

Closing Rule Number Two: Once you have asked for something, shut up.  This comes from the old, “Don’t talk yourself out of a sale” idea—in most cultures, if one person poses a question, the other person is required to respond. So we simply ask for the next step, and then we wait for the required answer. 

If, however, you ask a question and then, probably because you’re uncomfortable with the silence, you continue to talk, you’ve just taught your prospect that the normal rules of our culture don’t apply to this conversation:  We’ll ask questions, but if you don’t answer, it’s okay, we’ll just go on talking! Don’t do that. Let the normal rules of our society work in your favor when you’re selling. 

I once read a study that said that people who were deciding whether to make major purchases could wait as long as seven minutes to respond to a closing question. 

Seven minutes! An eternity! 

But the rule is, “ask and shut up.” If the prospect looks at you, look back, smile, perhaps nod a bit, and wait. 

Check back in a few days for Closing Rule Number Three…

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