After decades in the business, I now know more about how to be effective in sales meetings and how to create a “commercial mind” in our local directors, than ever before. Thanks to my participation in.. Luigi Garlati
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Classic Mistakes in Sales Leadership

It's not clear to me why so many leaders reject the idea that the people in their organizations need up-to-date selling skills.

First there are the people who are above the fray -- whose "business development effort" is something that happens, as one executive told me last week, "as a hobby -- something they do when they have nothing else to do."

Really? Don't they have revenue targets that are challenging? And is it their experience that enough business will come walking in the door under its own power to meet those goals?

Then there are those who tell me their selling effort is happening, but the results are disappointing … and they’re not doing anything right now to improve it, other than to keep reminding their people of depressing aggressive new business development goals!

And finally there are those who place their trust in marketing … in “building the brand” … in high-budget hocus-pocus that often involves “building the social media footprint” and blah, blah, blah.

Look, I’m not against social media. Our company has two websites;( and, a blog on each, a YouTube channel, a company Facebook pagea Twitter page, and several articles published on LinkedIn to accompany my profile


But, that’s not selling. 

That’s marketing, and while it’s meaningful, it typically doesn’t bring new business in the door by itself. It’s the selling effort that capitalizes on all that marketing effort to actually bring money in the door.

Don’t mistake action in social media for active selling.

Do you have a different experience?
Has social media actually brought your company new dollars?
Please let me know how that worked for you,
and be sure to let me know
if you’re in the professional services world,
or selling physical products.

In many professional services organizations, after the spending on the marketing effort is done, there’s often nothing left to invest in building selling skills. And that’s a shame.

What’s needed from leaders? 

Change the mix. Start focusing more on sales. Get some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the sales effort, and start tracking them. Help your people out with a little bit of training in what successful selling looks like now. 

And then get them some coaching to help them use that new learning to drive new business in your door.

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