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Balancing Client Service, Administration and Selling

For many providers of professional services, most work days hold the possibility of essentially three types of activity: doing things for existing customers, doing administrative things, or selling. The customer-service and administrative activities are things you’re good at—maybe you expect a 90 percent chance of success on them. 

Then there’s the selling, with a 40 percent chance of success at best.  You’ve only got a few hours—where are you going to spend them? 

Many people choose the places with the greatest chance of success—and they never really get to the selling activity. Over time, that kills their business. But, day-to-day, it’s the easiest course. 

How to correct that? Have a different “success standard” for your selling efforts as opposed to other work.

Be honest with yourself about how much time you’re really spending face- to-face (F2F) or phone-to-phone (P2P) with people who are in a position to spend money for what you have to sell.  

Be scrupulous in tracking that F2F and P2P time—you may be shocked that it is as little time as it is. Then drive that number up to increase sales results. 

Yep, that’s the biggest part of the problem—not enough time spent selling. If you spend enough time selling, even in the absence of good sales skills, you’ll get some business.  Spend enough time and hone your sales and closing skills, and you’re likely to be great!

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