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Avoiding Rejection Can Jeopardize Your Future

Most of the rejection one experiences when trying to grow one’s sales is not personal. People are rejecting the interruption of your call, or the potential expense of your service or product, or just the idea that they need more help (ego problems there)—but it isn’t possible they’re rejecting you personally when they don’t even know you. 

Many of those who reject salespeople are really rejecting something they don’t like about themselves; they’re afraid they’re weak and will buy something even when they’ve convinced themselves they can’t afford it. So they treat you badly because they’re afraid they might like you, and because of that, become suddenly unable to say no to you! They’re operating out of weakness. 

So adopt a “duck’s back” attitude, and let rejection roll off you! 

Remember: the people who reject most brutally are often those with the most Pain.  Why are they brutal? Because they’re hurting! And maybe, if you hang in there and talk with them, you’ll be able to help them to alleviate that Pain. 

If, because of a desire to avoid rejection, you avoid what’s important—and business development or selling is always important—you can jeopardize your company’s future. And even if you feel your future is assured, many individuals who avoid business development work don’t get the business they’d most like to have, the work they’d most like to be doing. 

So be an adult. Accept that rejection is just a part of selling—it’s not the right time, or the prospect truly doesn’t have the budget, or your prospect hates to make change, or, more likely, the Pain just isn’t great enough yet.  

But you have to be in the loop with them—they have to know you—for your prospects to think of coming to you when the time is right for them. So one way of looking at it is you’ve got to take some rejection now to have success later! 

Bottom line: living in fear of rejection just doesn’t make sense. It’s a part of life.  And you’ll live through it! Reach out, connect with more people, including people who are not currently your customers, open your heart a little and let them see that you’re a very bright, capable, service-oriented, and very good looking person who would like to be of help. And then follow up. And enjoy the results!

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