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Another Day, Another Dollar?

Psych Yourself Up To Sell This Summer!

It’s summer here in New Mexico, and the living is easy. The kids are out of school, and many more plans are being made for summer fun. Fewer plans exist for selling success, however. And for those of us whose businesses depend on new revenue/new clients, the question is this: How do we find the motivation to sell this summer? A few ideas…
  1. Get out and meet some new people. I took a dance class last night … and not one but two of the participants complimented me on my posture (they certainly didn’t compliment me on my dancing abilities!). That gave me a chance to say that I speak for a living, and brought a question about my speaking topics – which led to a mention of my new book.
  2. Do a blog post that taps into the prevailing feeling/mood (such as “Psych yourself up to sell this summer!”), and notice the comments you get. Follow up!
  3. Reach out. Have you spoken with at least 3 possible new prospects this week?
  4. Take a class that relates to some aspect of your profession or business in general. So many businesspeople are spending at least one night a week learning. Consider the possibility that you might need an update, too – or, if you’re qualified, teach a class.
  5. Think about clients with whom you have worked who are no longer actively buying from you. Send a link to an article that may interest them, and suggest a brief phone call to catch up.
  6. Think about the implications of having an empty pipeline, and do something about that right now. Post to electronic bulletin boards in your field of expertise, then circulate a notice that the question’s interesting, and that your contacts may enjoy reading the posts, including your own. Here’s mine from yesterday, which I posted to Sales Best Practices on LinkedIn (if you have trouble reading this, let me know at Lenann@YouCanSell.com and I’ll send you my contribution).
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