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An Insight from Selling With Integrity

Sharon Drew Morgen, in her excellent book Selling with Integrity, asks whether your prospects will consider other options before signing up with you.

If you think they will, would you rather they consider those other options in conversation with you, or after you have gone? Most of us would rather have the discussion of the competition come up when we’re present.

If so, Ms. Morgen suggests you ask the prospect, “What other options do you have for getting this done?”

While hearing about all the other people who can alleviate the Pain your prospect is experiencing may be difficult, the fact that your prospect discusses those options with you increases the likelihood that ultimately you’ll be her choice.

At the very least, if lots of options are under consideration for lessening the Pain, you may be able to ask, “What are your criteria for choosing among the many possible suppliers?” Many people don’t have criteria, and you may be able to influence selection of the criteria!

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