Well done and thank you for running such a captivating and engaging session today / yesterday. I learned a lot and had fun! (The CEO of our partner company) said that he had found your sales trainin.. Sr Leadership
Senior Director, London Office – An Investment Holding Company

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Does Your Team Need Sales Training?

To answer this question, begin by choosing the category below that applies to you.
Category One: We've Never Had Sales Training

Think Sales Training, not Product Training. Many companies spend a great deal of time educating people who must sell their products or services on those products or services and on competitors. Many companies focus on "marketing", creating great brochures, Websites, advertising, videos, CDs, white papers, etc. etc. etc. THIS IS NOT SALES TRAINING!

Sales Training is education about how to:
  1. Reach out to prospects and maximize the likelihood that they will be interested in what you have to sell.
  2. Structure conversations with prospects to capitalize on any interest they have in what you have to sell.
  3. Encourage prospects to either buy from you now OR set a specific date and time when they will take some sort of next step with you.
  4. Follow-up with prospects systematically and effectively to maximize the likelihood that they will become customers or clients sooner rather than later.

If you have no system for reaching out to prospects and following up regularly, you should know what sales research says is working NOW for companies like yours. Call Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting, Inc. at 1.800.694.7350 and enter code 04 to get that data!

Category Two: We've Had Sales Training, But...

Did you get sales training on site? Or in an open-to-the-public class?

In person, via webinar, or from a book?

Customized to your company, or just general?

Based on data about what's working in sales, or just rah-rah motivation?

If you haven't experienced recent, updated sales (not just product) training, do so now. Return on Investment (ROI) data on sales training proves it's the best investment you can make in the future of your business!

Call Lenann McGookey Gardner Management Consulting, Inc. at 1.800.694.7350 and enter code 04 to get this data.