"Being asked to develop and find new clients to build a new business thousands of miles away from my home country is a big challenge. I am fortunate that, immediately prior to taking on this assignmen.. Tarsem Basran
(Former) Head of Group Business Development
 – TMF Group
Lenann, I very much appreciate your working with us and do believe it has helped us to come together and improve our teamwork and understanding. We also now have more tools to help us work more smoothly together, and have more effective communication. I will check in with you down the road to let you know of our continued progress.
Steve Ross Director of Advancement St. Pius X High School, Albuquerque
On Saturday morning I received the good news that we have won the Singapore part of the very large proposal you helped me to write. This is just a beginning; Hong Kong and Australia should follow, and then who knows -- perhaps globally!? Thank you for your help with this proposal, it helped polish my skills. It has been a pleasure working with you!
Suzanne Holmboe (Former) Managing Director TMF Hong Kong Limited
As a result of working with Lenann, I have become much better at handling people who come to our booth at trade shows. We're having better conversations, which often result in interest, we do our follow-up activity in a systematic and methodical way, and we're getting purchases that I am sure we missed with our 'old approach'! Thank you so much for the great training experience!
Tamsin Campbell President Decagon Devices, Inc.
"Being asked to develop and find new clients to build a new business thousands of miles away from my home country is a big challenge. I am fortunate that, immediately prior to taking on this assignment, I experienced a workshop with Lenann Gardner. Lenann has been a tremendous help to me in developing those clients in a systematic and time sensitive way that is so important for our business – she has given me the confidence, strategies and selling tools along with tailored Coaching that have helped me to create a successful road map for not only building my business, but also creating warm relationships which have led to exciting business possibilities! She has an extraordinary drive and energy which is contagious and a manner of coaching which is both professional and personable at the same time - which has helped me take this business to the next level."
Tarsem Basran (Former) Head of Group Business Development
 TMF Group
A real talent for effective selling is not the exclusive preserve of a few “dog and pony show specialists” or used car salespersons: it is a skill we can all develop without having to change our personalities. Selling more is something we can learn: this is what we have discovered at Heel USA with Lenann McGookey Gardner. What she teaches is based on the most up-to-date research data on what is actually working in selling. Her coaching activities are very thorough, and are part of a modern approach which makes a lot of sense. Our sales team had a great performance this month, and I am convinced that Lenann’s program had a big influence on this result.
Thierry Montfort (Former) President and CEO Heel USA
Before your session our associates were averaging less than 30% out of a possible 100% on the 'closing' part of mystery shopper calls. Since your session every single sales manager got 100%! They nailed the closing!
Tina M. Sampson (Former) Vice President Sales and Marketing Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
Thanks very much! Great material (scripts for commercials) and a terrific recording experience with you! I look forward to every opportunity we have to work together. Thanks for your encouragement, unwavering support, and belief in what we’re doing.
Tom Crow President Crow Financial Advisors
Lenann, as always, I felt your material and delivery were superb this morning for “Closing Sales”. Thank you for always providing valuable and relevant information and tips to help us with our Program Development.
Tracy Wilbur Partnership Development and Business Intelligence Sandia National Laboratories
I enjoyed sales Coaching with Lenann so much! Lenann is very good at assessing the situation -- with a couple of simple questions she gets to the bottom of things. The one-on-one nature of Lenann’s Coaching means there’s no way you can hide (as can happen in a classroom). I was continually intrigued by Lenann’s questions and constant feedback on performance…
Wouter Plantenga Senior Vice President Head of International Structuring (Americas), TMF USA, Inc., New York