I worked with Lenann about 5 years ago. Just this month, I once again applied what she taught me, and closed 4 of 5 proposals – over $300,000! Lenann Gardner is a combination of blazing intelligence a.. Pat Davis
Vice President and Director of Consulting Services, Marketing Insights Practice – KantarHealth
Here are some key things I learned from working with Lenann: 1. I like the concept of a “Challenger Salesperson.” The more interesting, engaging and informative we can be in a useful way to the client, the better. 2. I don’t spend as much time selling as I think I do. 3. The way people do business continues to change and evolve – and I have to keep my selling skills current to keep up with those changes. 4. Treat others the way they want to be treated (not necessarily how I would want to be treated if I were them). A big company we haven’t done meaningful business with in about 5 years is about to come back in a very meaningful and multi-million dollar way…
Russ Conser Key Account Manager Oberthur Technologies
I think Lenann is excellent and have found value in every single email she sent us.
Sam Post Publisher Coffee News
I value Lenann's counsel and thoroughly enjoyed her book, where she lays out clearly all the things that have become so basic to our company's sales approach. If a CEO of a services company is looking for a powerful, up-to-date approach to selling, I can't imagine a better person to speak to than Lenann Gardner.
Samantha Lapin President/CEO POD, Inc.
We just landed a $20,000,000 job and have a great shot at a $30,000,000 project. Our marketing program has really taken off thanks to Lenann!
Sandra Bosben Director of Business Development Cameron Construction
I am as busy as I can possibly handle!
Sandy Poling Realtor La Puerta Real Estate Services, LLC
We have now completed the Positioning work with Lenann. I think we have come up with some statements that evoke the Hoffer message consistently, provocatively, and with some heart!
Scott M. Hoffer President/CEO Hoffer Furniture
Early on in my career I was fortunate that my company hired Lenann McGookey Gardner to conduct sales training with not just our sales team members, but all our operations managers as well. At the time I was an Assistant General Manager at a hotel and didn’t think my role had anything to do with sales. My perception of my role changed drastically as a result of Lenann’s training and subsequent Sales Coaching support. I learned that while operations might be my primary focus, EVERYONE working for an organization has a role in sales. What a fantastic lesson to learn so early on. Some years later, now a Vice President of the same hospitality company and a co-chair of programs for the American Society of Training and Development chapter, I brought Lenann in for a couple of hours, for an “Update on State-of-the-Art Selling Skills.” Though I thought I knew what she would say, I found I was surprised – so many of the basics of what’s working now in selling had changed, and Lenann presented a concise and engaging update on the skills successful salespeople need now. Lenann got the entire audience involved in the presentation, and I think every single person left with not only more selling skills, but a more positive attitude about selling, and I am sure that will show up in their sales results, just as happened in my first exposure to Lenann’s work – my company saw millions of dollars in sales increases!
Sherri Novak Vice President Operations Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants, Larkspur, California
Well done and thank you for running such a captivating and engaging session today / yesterday.  I learned a lot and had fun!  (The CEO of our partner company) said that he had found your sales training to be ‘second to none.’
Sr Leadership Senior Director, London Office An Investment Holding Company
Lenann Gardner has worked with the South-Central region of Marriott for years; I have personally worked with her on 3 different occasions now, each for a 6-month period. The real strength of her approach is in her coaching follow-up. She responds to each salesperson's real-world selling story every two weeks, with detailed coaching that she shares with the entire group, so we all benefit from the learning. In addition she sends an e-mailed sales tip every day — these are so helpful that I print them out and save them. I strongly recommend Lenann to any manager who wants to employ proven effective sales techniques.
Steve Benkowitz Former General Manager DFW Airport Marriott Hotel
Lenann, I very much appreciate your working with us and do believe it has helped us to come together and improve our teamwork and understanding. We also now have more tools to help us work more smoothly together, and have more effective communication. I will check in with you down the road to let you know of our continued progress.
Steve Ross Director of Advancement St. Pius X High School, Albuquerque