In the 120 days following Lenann's Sales Training, we closed over $7,900,000 in new business. Our results for the same period during the previous year: $4,600,000. And this year's results occurred whi.. Ken Leone
(Former) Executive Vice President – Larkspur Hospitality Corporation
“My prospect chose to invest $2 million today – and I say ‘Thank YOU a million, Lenann!’ I couldn’t have done it without your good sales coaching yesterday! This was especially sweet because the client had expressed an interest in a discounted up-front fee, had access to plenty of managers who don't charge those fees, and yet when I took the approach you recommended, the fee wasn’t a problem. I could not have gotten that result without your guidance, Lenann.”
Lisa Wealth Management Professional Major Global Financial Institution
I am incorporating your techniques, and in some cases, seeing them work like magic. Concerning an upcoming meeting, one of the top salespeople in our company said something that matched what you told me – I was left wondering whether that was you or her talking. I'm amazed to hear a super sales star in my business sound just like you -- but maybe I shouldn't be so amazed. The amazing thing I’ve experienced since working with you is trying out something new and watching it work. I followed your recommendation for writing e-mail, and one e-mail came back: "Who can refuse Lisa?" That's what I want to hear!
Lisa Wealth Management Professional Major Financial Institution
Lenann gives me ideas that are game changers. Whole meetings (with prospects) change as a result of the ideas I get from Lenann. And the results of those meetings change for the better, too!
Lisa Wealth Management Professional Major Global Financial Institution
Thank you for the wonderful talk you gave to our November 2010 National Association of Women Business Owners meeting. Our time together was much too short! We really learned so much about state-of-the-art selling skills – and I think a lot of our members got a much-needed update on what’s working now in selling. You’re right, we generally sell “the way we always have” and don’t take the time to update our approach. You have helped us to realize that selling is changing, and we must change, too!
Lorraine Ell Director of Education and Leadership, NAWBO New Mexico National Organization of Women Business Owners – New Mexico Chapter
After decades in the business, I now know more about how to be effective in sales meetings and how to create a “commercial mind” in our local directors, than ever before. Thanks to my participation in Lenann Gardner’s state-of-the-art sales training and follow-up program, I have managed to better direct my efforts toward business development. Besides our team’s accomplishment in terms of new sales, the change in their mind set within 40 business days of our sales training class is a testament to the program’s effectiveness. I think a lot of other people should volunteer for this – it’s really great!
Luigi Garlati Regional Director Americas TMF Group
Lenann’s business development session was fantastic and I learned a lot. I find her a very inspirational speaker! At the time I worked with Lenann – 5 years ago – I was a Senior Manager for a Big 4 accounting firm. I made Partner at that firm, becoming the first woman partner in tax there. Now I’ve made a move to KPMG, where I am a Tax Partner based in Bangkok. What I learned from Lenann definitely helped me to achieve my goals and get to where I am today, professionally.
Lynn Tastan Tax Partner KPMG
Thank you for all the work you have done to improve sales at TMF. The State-of-the-Art Selling and Closing Skills Presentations and 90 day follow-up programs you provided to our teams across three geographic regions have significantly improved our selling skill set. During the programs, we saw 11 million Euros in first-year revenue brought into our company! We feel confident that the program contributed to this success. Our teams felt invigorated and many continue to preach the gospel for better sales results. We are looking at offering the course again as our company grows.
Maria van der Sluijs-Plantz Chief Executive Officer TMF Group B.V.
On behalf of the Singapore team, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your dedication and encouragement during our 90 day Selling Success Program. We would not have closed over 50 sales without your daily reminders to push us to achieve greater heights. Thank you so much, Lenann!
Marilyn Tan Managing Director TMF Singapore Pte. Ltd.
I attribute, easily, $10 MILLION in sales directly to Lenann.
Mark Walton (Former) Regional Managing Partner Deloitte Central Europe
The program Lenann Gardner put together for us, the 120-day Game ON! program, is an intensive sales coaching program aimed at changing the habits of even the most focused sales team. In the course of this program, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Do we sell wide and deep enough?’ ‘Do we follow-up on leads and opportunities as we should?’ ‘Do we allocate our time to maximize sales revenues?’ Sales KPIs are defined early in the program. They are followed weekly for 120 days, at which point hopefully your sales team will have caught on and modified their sales behavior. Make sure to spend as much time as possible on defining the KPIs that are so key to the effectiveness of the Game ON program! Game ON was helpful to our team particularly in reallocating our time! In a buoyant market, Game On allowed our Business Unit to significantly exceed its budget.”
Martin Ferenczi Managing Director Payment North America Oberthur Technologies